Commercial Solutions

For more than 15 years, Centre Hi-Fi has put in place a Corporate Sales division which deals exclusively with corporations, government institutions, school boards and companies in marketing business. This department has been put into place after growing demands from corporations for a supplier which could manage corporate sales, promotions and bulk purchasing while meeting deadlines and offer these products at more competitive prices in partnership with the brand manufacturer.

This department of Centre Hi-Fi works exclusively with corporations. Our staff will work with you to manage your buying programs and match your specific requirements. We offer you the following services:

  • Managing and preparing customer loyalty programs
  • Government Tenders (Federal, Provincial, Municipal)
  • Corporate Incentives Programs
  • Employee Appreciation Programs
  • Lottery
  • Hotel Industry
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities

Contractors and Interior Designers: We simplify your order process by accepting your company’s purchase order (once a corporate account is established) and delivery on orders of any size is available right across Quebec.

CONTACT: [email protected]