We are a family owned and operated class leading consumer electronics company proudly run out of Montreal, QC. We offer the cheaper electronics that everyone wants, of course, but our true calling is matching our customers to quality products and solutions for their needs. We honestly believe in education above all else, and take the most pride in our returning customers who often walk in with a budget in mind, but walk out having spent more, and they do it with a smile on their face because we have provided them timely service, quality product and peace of mind when it comes to investing in a solution or product for their needs. We sell hifi equipment, televisions and appliances. We also sell convenience electronics such as smart watches and the like. Design skills aren’t your strength? No problem, we got you – with our in house interior designer. Essentially, anything tech related we can provide a service or sale to you. We are also expanding our line ups to include flagship products in our “Reference,” locations for our customers that want the best, by request. With Class leading management amassing over 500 years of total experience, accept no substitutes when making your next purchase.