Whole Home Audio Systems

Take back control of your technology 

One of the greatest pleasures of technology today is the endless possibilities to connect your personal content to your entire home. Gone are the days of an iPod for traveling, iPhone when driving, stereo in the basement, bluetooth speaker when on the deck, etc etc. What we all want is the ability to recall our favourite play lists and videos and stream them directly to our TVs or speakers …anywhere in the house. Imagine having access and control of all the rooms in your house using only the cell phone you have. Open your cell phone, choose which room you would like to play music in and have it start and stop at the swipe of a finger. This is a relatively easy offering which we can provide, but it is important to follow the guidelines we set out in our stores.

STEP 1 Decide how many rooms you would like to have connected

Although you do not need to invest all at once, it is important to know the maximum size of the system in the long run since all of the systems we offer are customizable and expandable. For example, you may purchase a stereo for one room to begin, and at a later date add in ceiling speakers in the kitchen, or outdoor speakers on your deck or near your pool. Letting us know how many possible destinations there are for connected rooms in your house will save you the potential pitfall of having to upgrade a component later on if it is not compatible.

STEP 2 Pick Your Personal System

This is the fun part. In our showrooms we can show you which brands we personally select to put in our customers homes. There’s enough brands out there offering many many many features…features that you don’t need. When you boil it down to reliability, quality of sound and ease of use, there are less than a handful of systems we recommend. Do you like the layout of the app on one system better than the other? Are you looking for high resolution playback or do you just want the cheapest option to get started? Will you be purchasing all of your future components from the exact same manufacturer or do you prefer an open eco system where you can mix and match brands and still have the work seamlessly? These are the key areas to discuss with us in store while we prepare your plan. START BROWSING OUR SYSTEMS HERE.